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If we go long back in history the English name "JAMES" comes from Italian "Giacomo", a variant of "Giacobo" derived from Iacobus (JACOB) in LATIN.

In The Bible in Old Testament Jacob constructed an altar for God naming it Bethel, which means "House of God" (Gen. 35:7). Jacob is a Greek name, and translated to Spanish, the name means James. Jacob constructed the `House of God,` and St. James parallels his namesake.

Jacob in Greek which means James in English version and People belongs to the reign of James known as "JACOBEAN" thus the students of St. James’ are alias as "THE JACOBEAN".

The Student of St. James’ are like rainbow which has its seven colours revealing its majestic beauty these seven colours symbolise the seven virtues which are inculcated in every student of St. James’. Why we admire the beauty of rainbow in the sky? Perhaps the answer to this question is very simple and straight. It’s none but the seven colours which makes a rainbow a beautiful creation of the Lord Almighty. If a rainbow loses its imperial combination of seven colours it’s no more going to admire by us. Likewise we strive to let The Jacobeans follow the seven virtues of life for their holistic development.

The seven virtues are Meekness, Commitment, Dedication, Sincerity, Empathy, Toil and Patience. The Jacobeans are taught the beauty of these seven virtues which should lie with them. The beauty lie when we humble ourselves before others and fulfil our every duty with commitment, dedication and sincerity keeping in view the feelings of others on the other hand and never step back to work hard with endurance in life. These virtues are like a seven colours of rainbow which sustain the beauty of the Jacobean and make them worthy to be a better citizen of the nation.




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