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Vision & Mission




          ST. JAMES’ SCHOOL




Education is a key which makes a person civilised and worthy for the society and the nation as a whole. A part from academia it is equally important to recognise the potential in a child and to release the same to its fullest. A perfect educator always brings out the best from the worst. The St. James’ School was formed in 1986 with a vision to imbibe quality of education along with a sense of belongingness towards the society and nation. The School Carry on its motto “learn to Serve” parallel with other morality and values to inculcate in the student right from very early age. The School firmly believes that the holistic development of a child is utterly depends on the environment which is being provided in the school, thus the school provides the favourable atmosphere during the school hours and also observes very minutely the virtuosity engendered in a child from time to time. Although the school has its prevalent in the vicinity but the school is keeping its vision and striving to be acclaimed as the best school for the learners. The school has a vision to infuse in every child the quality of perseverance to assure that a child may learn not give up in adversities rather to confront and transform the adversities into opportunities.